Football Consultation 27 / 28 February 2010

There will be a public and user consultation at Harrow Road on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February 2010 organised by the Corporation of London.

The notification of the consultation stated..

"Following our recent investments at Harrow Road and with plans to actively seek funding for future investments across our site, this is a great time to provide your feedback. This is also your opportunity to share your thoughts on the operation of the sports facilities at Wanstead Flats as we look to offer the most effective service.

Cycle Path Update 231009

We are please to report that we have received a letter from the Superintendent of Epping Forest confirming his statements at the last meeting concerning the cycle path. He also states the current and future plans for the football pitches.

To view the letter
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Meeting Tuesday 2nd June 2009

There will be a meeting on Tuesday 2nd June 2009 at 7.30 at Godwin School. A Senior official from Epping Forest will attend to discuss the latest developments on the Cycle Path and so attendance is important.
Click here for a leaflet for the meeting.
The following roads are currently being lealeted
Forset Side, Capel Point capel road from woodgrange rd up to chestnut ave. RS
Capel Road from the Golden Fleece to Ridley Road.MG
Tylney RoadJH

25th February 2009

In spite of the recent positive meeting of the 12th February, Today's Evening Standard includes an article featuring plans published by the Olympic Delivery Authority for improving the Capitals' Cycling and Walking Network.

Meeting Thursday 12th February 7.30 2009

The Meeting of the 12th February 09 at Godwin school was fairly well attended in spite of the miserable weather.

After an initial discussion regarding how the organisation should continue, it was decided that in addition to the open meetings such as the current one, it would be advantageous to organise a committee which would meet in between the open meetings in an effort to coordinate the responses to some of the issues regarding Wanstead Flats.

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